Day 4 – Dream /edit #4

She came to him in the morning dream. It was so real, she was so real, grabbed his belt and said yes I would join you for a cigarette. Let’s go she said and disappeared, or I should better say he woke up.

Edit #1

Day after, B. saw her again. It was last few seconds before he opened his eyes. She was in black, looked at him and smiled.

Edit #2

She was lying on the bottom edge of his bed this morning, dressed in beige dress, silent as few days ago. He woke up, saw her and immediately found himself over her. She just looked at his eyes and without a word vanish like a mist. B. opened his eyes, rooms was still dark and cold without sign of her.

Maybe B. was keeping his distance but in fact he was looking for closeness. Maybe his dreams seems to be a sound. The sound that he once knew…


B. was waking through corridor guided by group of unknown people, couple of them where holding his arms. They all really wanted him to meet someone. They entered into the kitchen. She stood in the corner. Happy birthday B. she said. He looked at his watch, and clearly confused started in hurry seeking for the date. Was it really my birthday he thought while U. was hugging his body. He felt scent of her hair. Do you want to grab a tea outside? B. I’ve already drinking tea, don’t you see. Yes, but perhaps I can make you another one and we could go somewhere alone? Ok B.! He started pouring water from the dispenser while U. was observing his moves. Do you need some help B.? No, and suddenly large stove started to loose its balance and begin collapse as if someone turned all screws. B. was trying to control it, but it was failing apart more and more. U. could you help me please! Gas is about to explode! U.? Uuuuu.? She wasn’t there…

Edit #4

Hey B. Can we grab a cup of tea. Sure U. They walked away. U. just looked behind at his brother and embraced B. around his waist.

B. woke up and try to recall the previous dream. He was now sitting in the car driving through cloudy desert fighting with some scratches of his memory. He knew there was something else… And why the hell he suddenly started to dreaming about U. and cup of tea. His thoughts were still away while he was passing the demonstrators, vehicles and waving flags. It wasn’t ordinary trip, he tried to forced himself to look around and be more cautious than usual, but couldn’t stop thinking about first dream he forgot.

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